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Mate Templates

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Some Mate notes:

  • When using AsyncMethodInvoker, use the currentEventĀ  property instead of event to get the right property

In order to view and edit Mantis Tasks directly from Eclipse or Flex Builder
you need to install the Mylyn Plugin for eclipse first:

Then install the Mylyn – Mantis Connector:

To add your mantis repository click on Window->Other Views in Eclipse.
Select the Mylyn Folder and add task list and task repositories.

Then go to the task repository view, right click and choose to add a new repository.

Now the trick is to enter the right URL to your Mantis service file.
Its normally found under (since mantis 1.1.0)

If that’s done you can add a query by choosing a project and a filter (needs to be set up on the mantis web interface first) .

Now you can view and change your mantis tasks in the task view.

By default User Registration is enabled after a fresh Mantis Installation.
Everyone can easily create an account.

From the documentation its not so clear how to disable it and there is no obvious option in the mantis admin interface either.

To actually disable it, you have to open the fileĀ  config_inc.php
in the mantis root Dir and add this line:

$g_allow_signup = OFF;

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