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In case you’re trying to make the hand cursor appear when hovering over a link and you had no success using cursor: hand, try this rule instead:

a { cursor: pointer ; }
This should work in all browsers.

Have you tried to create a paypal button and pass a return URL to paypal that includes some paramters and experienced that paypal will only return visitors to your main page, ignoring your GET parameters ?

something like:

<input type=”hidden” name=”return” value=””>

will not work unless you also specify this parameter:

<input type=”hidden” name=”rm” value=”2″>

this will instruct paypal to post its own parameters as POST and keep your parameters as GET.

Or as explained in the Paypal documentation:

“a value of 2 means: the payer’s browser is redirected to the return URL by the POST method, and all transaction variables are also posted”

Hope this will help someone.

I created a simple Joomla! component. It’s purpose is to demonstrate how a Flex Application can be integrated into a component. The Flex Application is communicating with its Joomla! backend through AMFPHP. AMFPHP1.9 is included in this example setup.

You can download and install this component via the Joomla Administration Interface and link a menu item to it, to see it in action.

You can also download the source code for the simple Flex Application to see how it connects to the gateway.

download joomla component

download flex example source code

Here is a screenshot of the installed component:

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