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I recently had to set up a new mac for web development.
Its always such a hassle to find it all again and I ended up spending much more time then anticipated.

Here is a quick reference list of what steps I took. Following this list will get you going in under one hour plus all software is free.


  1. install cyberduck for transfer and remote synchronization
  2. install xampp for a complete LAMP setup
  3. install eclipse pdt for a great php IDE
  4. install eclipse subclipse plugin for your svn projects
  5. install aptana plugin for all web development
  6. install textwrangler as a general purpose text and code editor with remote support
  7. install firefox with firebug plugin for debugging your html/css/javascript

After that also download some great php libs to include in new php projects:

  1. redbean – database orm
  2. ezql – easy database interface and abstraction
  3. phpmailer – probably the best email lib for php
  4. phpunit – unit testing
  5. simplepie – rss parser and rss creation
  6. php thumbnails – great for image uploads

just rediscovered my good old friend yoxos for downloading customized eclipse packages.

It allows to save profiles for installing the same eclipse configuration across multiple computers which saves heaps of time.

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