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After upgrading to joomla 3, I suddenly got this error.
Seems like the class name of the view class cannot contain uppercase letters anymore, except in the word View.


My view class was named like this in joomla 1.5:


I had to change it to all to lowercase except the “V” in view, like so:


Most examples these days use jquery to load jsonp data.
If you want to develop a simple javascript widget then it might not be a good option to include jquery in your code.
In this example I’ll show you how to load html from a server in any domain and display it with a javascript.

It’s actually very simple to load jsonp data without using any javascript libraries.

The trick is to load your data in a script tag like so:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The  server  needs to return a json object that is wrapped in a function, e.g.:

callback({"html":"hello jsonp"})

In PHP you can do it easily like this:

echo 'callback(' . json_encode(array('html' => 'hello jsonp')) . ')' ;

Now when this script is loaded into the browser, it will  call the function named callback (you can call this function whatever you like).

You just need to provide a handler for this function call and that’s pretty much it:

<div id = 'mycontent'></div>
  function callback(jsondata){
     document.getElementById('mycontent').innerHTML = jsondata.html ;
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Here is a working script example:

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