I recently purchased a Mac Book Pro – primarily for software development. As a long time Linux and Windows user I though it would be time to try something new and join the hype.

To work with Mac OS efficiently I needed to install quite a bit free extra software.
Here is a list of what I found useful for my purposes.

Awesome and free:

  • Firefox – I like it much better then safari
  • Perian – adds support for many popular video formats such as divX
  • Open Office – used this under Linux and Window as well
  • Google Notifier – check for new Google Mail and Google Calendar entries
  • Google quick search box – search for anything from your taskbar
  • iChat with Google Talk – use iChat to chat with your google buddies
  • Virtual Box – free virtual machine to run Windows or any other OS
  • Skype – I use skype since many years to stay in touch and do my calls
  • Seashore – easy to install free image editor based on gimp

Free development tools:

  • Xampp – save yourself the hassle of setting up Apache, Mysql, PHP, etc
  • Eclipse – my favorite development platform
  • jEdit – a free editor for programmers, written in java
  • Cyberduck – handy opersource ftp, sftp, webdav browser for Mac OS X
  • Wget – Mac OS X only comes with curl. But curl does not provide the same functionality as wget
  • NVU – NVU is a handy and free HTML and CSS Editor
  • Free Ruler – measure things on your screen with this useful little tool

Commercial Tools:

  • Path Finder – replacement for mac finder with great features like tabs and split pane

A cool website listing all opensource mac applications