I’ve been using the Kunena Forum on a few of my websites and the greatest problem is spam. Once the site is well established spammers will come and make your life miserable.
So usually that means switching to an moderated forum or risking having spam on your site until you had time to review each post.
If you decide for a moderated forum you might loose users because it might take some time until you had a chance to approve posts.

The solution:
One pretty much simple rule is that after a legitimate user successfully posted the first post his following posts will most likely not be spam either.
So all really needed is to approve the very first message a user posts to a forum and then have an automated process that will
approve all following messages of this user.

This Kunena Auto Moderation Plugin will handle this simple task. After a new message was posted it will check if the user has any previous approved messages and if yes it will automatically approve the new message and send an email notification to the forum moderators.

This is the first release and I might add more features to control spam in the next version.

Download the plugin: Kunena Auto Moderation Plugin